Donnerstag, 12. März 2015


People think beauty is about perfection.
But wake up, it's not.
We compare ourselfs to much with other people. But why the hell do we do that?
We know we're all different, we know every one is jealous of  something another person has, we know the girls in the magazines are photoshopped, we know we're never gonna be perfect because perfection doesn't exist.
So why do we still try to be perfect.
Why is our society so obsessed with perfection? It doesn't make any sense.
"Look, that's our new topmodel. She's tall and too skinny, her hair is perfect, her makeup is perfect, she is perfect. Look. Look how you are never gonna be."

We forgot beauty isn't just from the outside. Sure, it is great having a pretty face and a beautiful body but what really matters is your character.
About the way you laugh, how you speak to people, how you fight and break down and stand up again, about the way you dream and love, what you see in different persons, about the way you see the world and what you make with your life.
That's what I combine beauty with.
That's what we all should combine beauty with.
Try to be your best self and people will see your beauty.  
Your own perfect imperfection.

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